5 ways to ensure your next yacht season is the best one ever

“The decisions you make in the off-season will directly influence the success of the yachting season itself.”

We can all probably agree about the truth of this sentiment Sentence. But in practice life often gets in the way of good preparations. No one has infinite time or energy to spend on preparing their yacht or crew, even when we know that it will save us time, money, and headaches in the long run. So is there a way to balance responsibilities and relaxation, to make sure that the upcoming season is a huge success without running yourself ragged?

This guide is here to tell you that yes, there is. Drawing on the experience of veteran yachting professionals, we’re proud to present every yacht captain with our 5 ways to prepare your yacht and crew for the best season ever – no stress required.

SEAZONE’s 5 ways to prepare your yacht and crew for the best season ever

1. Off-Season Maintenance: The time your yacht spends in winter berth & in the dry dock is the best and most convenient time for maintenance of all kinds to be performed, as it’s not disturbing anyone or interfering with the planned schedule. So, on top of the various routine procedures and corrective maintenance, it’s wise to ensure that preventive and predictive maintenance is carried out as well. SEAZONE lets you use historical data to predict when malfunctions and failures are likely to occur, even when the systems have been correctly maintained. This means you can plan ahead – The budget, scheduling repair work or replacements in the shipyard to avoid problems – major and minor – while at sea.

2. Crew Hiring: You would never leave vital yacht maintenance to the last minute. So don’t wait until the last second to find crew members. In fact, you’ve ideally already found your perfect crew – try to keep on crew from the previous season who performed well. While “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” isn’t necessarily true on the maintenance side, it can be very effective when it comes to people. There will always be refresher training and updates, but avoiding that initial learning curve (and the chances of hiring a bad apple) really pays off. If you do need to hire new yacht crew, use CREWZONE to make it easier and faster to find the right people. CREWZONE lets you filter for the relevant location, skills, and more, and even helps you manage crew documentation online.

3. Cruising Plan: Planning out your entire cruise in advance has a huge knock-on effect for many of your other plans, including your budget. While you probably have some limitations, you’ll need to work within, in terms of where the owner would prefer to go, a plan still helps you to save money by taking the most efficient routes between ports and scheduling in stops where you can take on duty-free fuel. We’d estimate that an effective plan can save you up 50-60% in fuel costs. Plus, a plan spares everyone a lot of guesswork and uncertainty, increasing all-round transparency and communication.

4. Boat Certification: As regulations are always changing, especially in the post-COVID era, make sure that all your yacht certificates and licenses are up to date and valid for the relevant regions, including boat registration, class, safety equipment renewal & insurance documents. You’ll also need to check that all yacht crew members have valid travel documentation (passports, visas, etc.) and certification. If that sounds like a lot of time-consuming organization, don’t simply hope for the best – use BOATZONE to keep track of everything. BOATZONE is like your on-the-ball personal assistant, filing everything away neatly so you always know where to find specific records and can check dates at a glance.

5. Automation: You’ll notice a theme in our other tips, but the overall solution truly is to embrace automation. The yachting world, just like the industries all over the globe, is undergoing a digital transformation that is changing things for the better and making it easier than ever to plan an accurate budget, find the right crew, organize paperwork, and more. SEAZONE yacht management software is designed by yachting professionals for yachting professionals, understanding that what a captain most wants to do is captain his or her yacht – not sort through resumes or hunt down expense reports. The entire user-friendly platform is designed to be used by everyone, with no financial or technical expertise required.

Get your season off to a winning start by registering with SEAZONE today. It’s easy to set up your boat’s profile and get ahead with all those off-season tasks. Yacht captains and professionals know that SEAZONE is the best, most efficient way to make sure next season is always the best season yet.

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