All you wanted to know about yacht agents

At some point, every yacht captain will have to use a yacht agent. But the truth is, that most captains, and owners, are not fully aware of the value they can benefit from using yacht agents for the correct tasks. Nowadays, more than ever.

So let’s dive into the world of yacht agents.

Lorenzo Ciquera I BWA Yachting Monaco & French Riviera

What is a yacht agent’s role in your eyes?

In one sentence – Problem solver, or better – problem avoider. We help our clients with everything they ask, and everything they need to make their experience as smooth as possible.

Has this year been different from other years regarding your job as an agent?

Yes for sure. A lot of uncertainty puts everyone on edge. As one owner told me recently, “You can’t plan anything in advance”. If an agent was important before – now our job is more important than ever. Rules and regulations are changing constantly and we have to be on top of things at all times. France was a very relaxed country regarding restriction of movement, but today, even moving from Monaco to Antibes demands a lot.

What is your most common service?

In France, an agent is not compulsory like in Italy or Albania for example. But local knowledge, and especially knowing the language, really helps. Our most common service is securing berths. Once you’re on the port, we got your back. From Fuel, provisioning and booking night clubs and transportation. We do it all.

To reach out to Lorenzo when in France: I +33640622556

Fatos Demiri I BWA Yachting Albania

Why would you need a yacht agent in Albania?

In Albania, the agent is the local representative of Yacht to the government. Whether you want to bunker duty-free fuel, or just clear out of the EU. The agent is responsible and will take care of all the formalities. To put it another way, yachts cannot enter Albania without an agent.

What benefits can you get from an agent

The right agent will make everyone’s life easy. Apart from making pre-arrival notification and organising duty free fuel when needed, he can assist in all concierge services. Albania is a great base for charters in Greece, as it’s so close, and you don’t need a Greek charter license if you start and finish in Albania. So we even arrange quick guest transportation from and to Corfu and help with border crossing.

What services does your company provide?

Our company, BWA Yachting ALBANIA, exists to make everyone’s life easy. We offer a wide range of services, clearance formalities and berth booking to Duty-free fuel bunkering at a very competitive price.

Having a specialised concierge department, we make sure that crews and guests enjoy the best of Albania.

Contact your Agent in Albania: I +355 69 20 940 30

Dejan Jankovic I Yacht agent Montenegro

What is the biggest value yacht captains and owners get from using an agent?

The main and most important benefit that you get from using an agent is time. Finding a reliable agent is important so that you can get the most out of your visit to your destination.

How to identify a good agent?

A good agent will know all needs of his clients and be ready to source out and find all things demanded by their clients.

An agent should be able to provide you with berths, reservations to events and restaurants which are not so easy to get. The agent grows his local network and takes care of local partners so that all of his clients can feel the benefits. A good yacht agent will be available for their clients, which is very important if the guests are on board. This is when the crew have a lot of obligations and pressure. We, as agents, can share these responsibilities and ease their daily jobs.

What services does your company provide?

We started off as documentation and paperwork agents, but through time we developed our concierge service.

If you need sorting out arrival documentation, Duty-free fuel, reservation of berths in all ports and marinas. We help arrange private flights and transport organization, security escort while in Montenegro, helicopter tours, last-minute lunch reservations, and basically all you need while in the area.

If you have some breakdown we can organize teams of technicians to come anytime to you. Medical care, show you the best places for anchoring so that guests onboard really feel that they have something extra and make the most out of the trip.

Contact your agent in Montenegro: I +38267132233


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