Finding my first yacht crew job

When you are a small child, you are often asked what you want to be when you grow up.

My answer to that question were a few well-chosen words: “I want to be a yacht captain!”

A yacht crew job is all I could think about from a young age. Growing up by the sea, I’ve always seen crew from yachts around the world working in the harbor. Strange languages and different cultures. It triggered me to extend my love for the mystery of the sea and broaden my horizons. I wanted to explore remote destinations among adventurous people.

Finding a yacht crew job

I came to the point where I was searching for a yacht job. Being a crew on a yacht is something unique, lucrative, and potentially a long-term career. But on the other hand, it seems like vacancies are limited and people struggle to get those positions at times.

I did not know where to start until I encountered SeaZone’s Blog. The first article I’ve read showed me the basic steps to start in yachting. Since then, SEAZONE became my best friend and assistant, which is available on any device 24/7, everywhere on earth.

Creating a professional yacht crew CV

With SeaZone I was able to create my very first yachting CV/resume in less than 10 minutes! And it was not just a random CV – it is well-organized with all the essentials needed. All you need to do is to complete the blanks and it will be generated automatically into an eye-friendly CV. Usually, it takes quite some time to find your first opportunity, but with SEAZONE, I was able to secure my first yacht crew job remotely!

Video Presentation

As I did not have much experience to show for. The video presentation in the system was a great tool. It enabled me to showcase my personality and communication skills. In fact, I’m certain that I got my first job interview because of it. Yes, I am that impressive. At least this is what I choose to believe.

Worldwide yacht job search

When looking for a yacht job you must travel around and search for it. However, with SeaZone you don’t need to! With its rich database of the crew, SeaZone enables captains, yacht managers and owners, to find you based on your geographic location. For daywork or permanent positions, it doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you’re in Europe, Asia or the USA- you will absolutely have the chance to get recognized and hired! It provides an efficient solution that benefits both crews and managers/owners.

Manage yacht expenses and documents

I’m still on my way to achieve my dream and become a yacht captain. I’m doing my best to learn and add new skills to my toolkit. I know that SeaZone will not only help me to find my dream yacht job, but I also found that it manages yacht expenses in real-time. I’m aware that we must work more efficiently and environmentally friendly. SEAZONE can get rid of those Paper Mountains made of invoices and receipts.

Everything is securely saved on SeaZone’s servers. With several clicks, I can download the financial reports, create the annual budget, and manage the crew to name just a few.

As a new captain, it will save me so much time. Moreover- I wouldn’t have to deal with Excel spreadsheets, accounting and all the paperwork. I could just focus on the things I love doing.

SEAZONE's Yacht crew jobs

This is how SEAZONE has helped me to find my first job as a yacht crew. But not only that, the more I learn about the system, I know I will grow with it as I advance in my yachting career. One day, when I become a captain, SEAZONE will still be my best friend and assistant.

The article was written for SEAZONE by Delian Demiri.

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