How can yacht management software improve your finances?

“What real benefit will this actually have in my day-to-day work life?”

For many of the yachting professionals we know, this is the bottom line when it comes to making an expense related decision. Whether it is new equipment, amenities, and even crew. Other industries might try out various techniques and initiatives in the short term. But in the yachting industry every single item onboard must “pay its way”. In other words, its value must outweigh the cost of bringing it along. Even though yacht management software costs nothing in terms of weight or storage space, captains and owners still want to understand the exact benefits it will bring them.

At SEAZONE, we understand this perspective completely. After all, it’s the perspective that led us to create this dedicated yacht management software in the first place.

Is yacht management software a necessity?

One thing we don’t generally need to explain is why the yacht industry needs its own dedicated software. Anyone who has also worked in a more conventional job, clearly understands that yachting is a world of its own. Much different from sectors like retail, hi-tech, or manufacturing. It has its own needs, interests, and terminology. Plus, we know that everyone who deals with yacht management and finance is also juggling multiple other responsibilities. Those responsibilities include important tasks such as the safety procedures, high end service, passage planning and supervising crew. That means that yacht management software has to be especially robust and user-friendly. It should accommode complex needs while requiring absolutely zero technical or financial expertise.

But back to those benefits. Here are our top 5 reasons yacht management software can improve your finances:


  1. It makes the basics a breeze.
    With financial software tailored to the yachting industry, like our FINANCEZONE, you can find digital solutions to your accounting needs. SEAZONE YACHT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE simultaneously saves you time and effort. By enabling crew to record expenses immediately when they occur, the software eliminates both paperwork and guesswork. Now you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to know exactly what’s been spent. No one has to waste time chasing down receipts and records. Everything’s right there, at your fingertips.
  1. Communication becomes better in every way.
    There’s no need to cut off communication with owners and agents just because the yacht is at sea; But FINANCEZONE actually cuts down on that typical workload while increasing confidence and transparency. By sharing financial data with all relevant parties, all the information is clearly accessible to any user, at all times. The captain or crew don’t need to give updates in person, because it’s all there, in real time. In addition, it’s much easier to make instant adjustments if there is a financial issue or irregularity. No need to wait until the end of the month or voyage to recognise what’s going on.
  1. It’s easier to hire the right people.
    As we mentioned above, hiring the right crew is essential to financial success as well as yachting success. CREWZONE by SEAZONE was created to help dramatically reduce the time spent on recruitment. To make it easier than ever to find the best people to fill your vacancies. CREWZONE lets you filter by various parameters.  Skills, experience and current geographical location, so there’s no need to waste time on irrelevant resumes. You can also view professional CVs, references, and even video presentations online. All of those tools will give you all the information you need in one place. So your time will be better spent on operational matters.
  1. You can forecast the financial future. What’s going to happen on this cruise? During this season? How much should we allocate for fuel or maintenance? FINANCEZONE harnesses the power of historical data to help you to build more accurate budgets. To allow you to anticipate what the future will bring. This knowledge can optimize cash flow and “expect the unexpected” scenarios. By that, giving everyone greater peace of mind, knowing that there is a buffer built in to deal with any issues.
  1. There’s always room to grow. The yachting world is affected by a wide range of factors – From changing international regulations to evolving owner requirements and preferences. When all of your yacht finance needs are handled by yacht management software like SEAZONE, you can respond quickly and easily to dynamic conditions. In just a click you can have detailed reports on your current status and full budget information. Accessible from any device you will find advanced flexible tools that can adapt to new demands and expansions.

So those are our top 5 reasons to give yacht management software a try. But, like most things in the yachting world, the proof comes from experiencing it yourself. 

Register at SEAZONE today. See why managing yacht finance with advanced software is more than worth its weight in gold.

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