How much will it cost you to run a yacht?

So, you’ve bought a new yacht or you’re thinking of taking the plunge and joining the international club of proud yacht owners. There are countless factors you probably have already considered in-depth: Motor Yacht vs. Sail Yacht or Catamaran, New vs. Pre-owned, preferred size and range, where you plan to berth and cruise, the differences between top brands (Princess, Azimut, Benetti, Ferretti, Sunseeker, etc.), whether you’re interested in custom yachts, and of course your budget. But how much will it cost to actually run the yacht once you’ve made that initial purchase?

On average, annual running costs account for around 5-10% of the new boat price. As we mentioned in our recent Yacht Budget Planning article, it’s important to look at a yacht like a business rather than a one-time expense. That means that, just like any business or department, your yacht needs a detailed, realistic budget. By building an annual budget and then managing it on a daily basis, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with complete control and transparency. Plus, we estimate that smart budget planning can save you at least 15% on annual yacht expenses!

Fortunately, SEAZONE’s comprehensive yacht management software includes FINANCEZONE for easy budget building and expense management.


Here are the main budget aspects you’ll need to consider:


  • Operational Costs – These include berthing and additional marina costs, insurance, licensing, and mandatory payments to various agents and authorities, as well as must-have amenities like internet access.
  • Crew – How many crew members will you need on a permanent and seasonal basis? Your experience/licensing requirements will influence your crew budget, as will your planned cruising schedule. SEAZONE’s CREWZONE solution can save you substantial recruitment costs on top of time and effort, helping you to find the right crew (and dayworkers) faster, while also helping you locate crew closer to your boat.
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Your Own Costs – Independent from regular usage, these costs include how many days you plan to cruise during the season, how many guests you’ll host, food and entertainment expenses, and so on.


It’s always a good idea to include a healthy buffer zone in your maintenance budget. Even with the best planning in the world, there are always unanticipated circumstances. Do yourself a favor, build in that buffer, and avoid future headaches. But how can you accurately factor in issues like maintenance and fuel costs?

Maintenance Costs

When we talk about yacht maintenance, it’s important to remember that corrective maintenance (fixing something that’s broken) is only one facet of your overall maintenance budget. Preventive maintenance involves a planned maintenance program to intercept failures before they occur and potentially ruin an entire cruise.

Older boats will naturally require more maintenance, as will larger boats (which have more systems, as well as more complex ones). However, your estimates must also consider:

  • How many days a year will you be using the boat?
  • Where will it be cruising? What are the conditions like?
  • Will you have an experienced professional crew that can minimize damage?


When planning your budget in FINANCEZONE, you can use this information to accurately calculate maintenance costs for the upcoming year, helping to avoid surprises and delays.

Fuel Costs

It’s very possible to save significant sums through smart fuel planning. There are two main factors that have a direct influence on your fuel budget: your cruising speed and fuel price.

By laying out your full season at the beginning of the year, you can enjoy optimal fuel management by planning the most economic routes. This means that, in collaboration with the captain and manager, you can save fuel through adopting an efficient cruising speed at all times.

Although you can’t directly affect fuel price, you can arrange to anchor in places where you can take advantage of duty-free fuel – like Albania or Montenegro. Of course, always be sure to check ahead as policies and regulations may change from time to time.

All fuel cost estimates can also be entered in the FINANCEZONE budget planning module, helping to improve your preparedness for each upcoming season.

Budget Planning with SEAZONE

All in all, the advantages of using state-of-the-art software to plan and control your yacht expenses are crystal clear. SEAZONE yacht management software gives you extensive information based on actual real-world performance, while also making it easier than ever to build the optimal budget and then track it as you go. It not only saves you time and stress – it also makes the entire process more transparent and straightforward for everyone involved with the yacht at all levels, including captain and crew.

On the fuel and maintenance side, SEAZONE helps you to more accurately estimate and plan for every eventuality, meaning you will save money and avoid getting thrown off course by sudden malfunctions.

As you start a thrilling voyage of discovery with your new yacht, make sure that you have SEAZONE supporting you every step of the way. Start your SEAZONE experience today and explore a whole world of features designed to save you money and keep your yacht shipshape.

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