How to run a successful yacht charter program?

Many yacht owners, managers and captains, often wonder what it takes to manage a successful yacht charter program.

Meet Nim and Fabiola, from Sail LUNA. Nim & Fabi are all of the above. They are the owners, the crew and the managers of a well-known charter yacht in the Caribbean. How do they manage the business aspects of the yacht, while producing a perfect yachting experience for their guests?

A dream comes true

Not too long ago, the couple lived in the corporate world. Fabi was an analyst on a wealth management firm, and Nim was the chief technology officer of an IT company. But the sea was calling. Nim lived years ago on a sailing yacht, and they decided to take the plunge and start their own charter yacht business.

Charter is a catamarans world

Catamarans are the perfect platform for a relaxed sailing holiday. Especially for people who are not accustomed to life at sea. The big open spaces, stability and proximity to water are the difference makers. Combined with award-winning cocktails and cuisine in an all-inclusive week, Nim & Fabi offer an experience of a lifetime for their guests.

LUNA cruises in the Virgin Islands during winter time, Bahamas mid-season and Grenada in the summer.  

Business aspect of a charter yacht

Not all yacht crew come with an accounting or business background. Most of us, let’s be honest, are beach boys. We love the ocean, and the certain rhythm it provides. When guests come to the yacht, they want to forget about their life for a week. To leave work, and traffic, and stress behind, and immerse in the yachting lifestyle. A great charter yacht crew can provide that, while making sure, the yacht is managed as a well-run operation.

There is much more than navigating to pristine beaches or creating the perfect cocktail when we look behind the curtain of a charter yacht.

A look behind the curtain

Other than providing a perfect setting for the guest, the crew must oversee the safety and maintenance of the yacht, provisioning, the administration work, and yes – the finance. Whether you’re an owner/operator or a hired captain, the yacht is an asset and it’s your responsibility to create the best value out of it.

In order to provide a perfect package as a charter yacht, you must look at the total amount of work and expenses it takes before even starting the charter. As many charter catamarans work with a capacity of 2-4 crew members, the workload seems impossible at times.

How to manage it all? Use the best tool for the job

Let us tell you a secret. The best charter yachts work at what is known in the business world as “best practices”. In the yachting world there is an old saying – Use the right tool for the job. Brokers and guests want to know the yacht is managed perfectly in all departments. As you would not use a knife to screw a nut (Although possible, but not effective and can cause more damages), you should not use an old-fashioned receipt folder, many excel files and different documents to manage your admin and expenses. There are just better tools on the market.

SEAZONE All-In-One yacht management solutions

When Nim and Fabi discovered SEAZONE they already had a very successful charter program. SEAZONE was developed by yachting professionals and designed to answer exactly the yachts needs. No irrelevant information, ease of use and information security are the top priorities.

Nim and Fabi realized that SEAZONE will not only save them countless hours on accounting. It will eliminate the need to hold mountains of receipts and prevent loss of important information. Moreover, the ability to do it all from the phone and tablet creates an opportunity to react fast and do everything on the go. From uploading receipts, creating visual monthly and annual reports, keep a neat maintenance program and manage their charters with ease. They can even understand patterns that will help them to improve their business. And most importantly – clear head space and more time to enjoy the dream.

For bookings, Sail LUNA ( can be contacted directly or through our preferred Yacht Charter Broker Sail Play Dine Yacht Charters (

Successful charter yachts – use SEAZONE

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