How to start your yachting career: – Daywork and dockwalking (Part 2 of 4)

– Daywork and dockwalking (Part 2 of 4)

Have you read our first article in the SEAZONE guide to yachting? LOCATIONS

In this article we will learn about your entry level positions and how to get your foot in the door.

What is dalkwalking and how to find your first daywork on a yacht?



Dock walking is a common terminology within the yachting industry.

Its meaning is literally walking the docks and asking the many yachts moored in the marina if they need a helping hand.

This has been a common way for many green crew to find their first job on a yacht.


How to dockwalk?

If you read our first article, you already know where to find the boats according to the season. Now it’s time to approach them.

There are some basic rules when it comes to dockwalking.

1st rule: Be persistent. Wake up every day, no matter how frustrated you are, and be in the Marina early morning. The yacht crew might not have time to talk to you, but if they see you enough times, you will get noticed and earn their respect.

2nd rule: Always represent. This is a small industry. Always be courteous and friendly. To workers in the marina, to crew, and even at night when going out with friends. You will never know who you might end up bunking with.

3rd rule: Wear a yachtie outfit. What does that mean? Usually khaki pants, white or blue polo shirts. Look tidy and kneet. Appearance goes a long way in the industry as you will see when you get up the rank. You want to work on a super yacht? Look the part.

Start your career in yachting

So you finally got your first break and got asked to climb on board?

Here are some things you must know.


1th Rule: come prepared. Bring along a backpack with your CV and business card, some work clothes, water and some snacks. Most yachts will have uniforms and food to provide, but not all. Make sure that you have what you need to perform well.

2nd Rule: Leave your phone in the bag. When walking in the Marina, and definitely on the job. Phone in hand is a big no-no. 

3rd Rule: It might sound obvious, but – Work hard. Don’t day dream, take breaks without permission or have long chats with other people on the dock. You were hired to do a job, and you want to be professional about it.


Best way to find daywork – SEAZONE

Remember the days when you had to go down to the street and whistle or wave your hands to find a taxi?

This is basically what Dockwalking is. Although it is still a common way in the yachting industry, it is quite old and archaic. There are better ways to find daywork, and SEAZONE is leading the way.


Working on a superyacht near me

SEAZONE technology is the future of yachting. You can sit at home, whenever you are in the world, and look for job offers near you. Yachts can easily find crew next to them using Geo-Location and smart filtration without having to rely on random people walking the docks.

The world is moving forward, and you better keep up, or get left behind.


So create a profile with SEAZONE, for permanent or daywork jobs.


Position yourself to be ready, when the opportunity arises.

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