How to start your yachting career

SEAZONE yachting guide  – LOCATIONS (Part 1 of 4)

So you had enough of the boring, regular life and want to start your adventurous yachting career? But don’t know where to start?

Look no further. SEAZONE complete guide to yachting career will give you the basic knowledge to start working, but the rest is up to you….


Location, Locatio, Location?

As yachts tend to move around, yachting is a worldwide industry. It is separated by seasons, and geographic locations.

In the Northern hemisphere (Which will be the center of this article), there are 2 main geographic locations: Mediterranean, and US / Caribbean.

For many years it was common knowledge that you had to be where the yachts are if you wanted to get an entry level job. Although there is still much truth to that statement, technological advances such as SEAZONE provides, is shifting the scale in that regard, and the industry is taking notice. But more on that later.


Summer season (April- Oct) : Majority of yachts will go to the MED. In the United States & Caribbean region, the yachts will sail up north on the US east coast towards Newport, RI. Or down south in the Caribbean, under the Hurricane belt. 

Winter season: (Nov-April): The center of operation will move towards Florida in the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean.


There are specific epicenters where most crew will go to find a job in yachting, or use as a homebase year round.

United States

In the United States, the capital of yachting is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The gateway to the Caribbean. You can find several Maritime schools  providing training courses from basic STCW to advanced licencing. Crew houses are in abundance, while suppliers and service providers will cater for the luxury yachts. It is a great homebase location for many full time superyacht crew . Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, taking place in late October is the biggest in-water boat show in the world, and marks the official start of the season.

Newport Rhode Island

is a summer base for many yachts in the US, especially sailing yachts. The world’s famous Newport Bucket Regatta is taking place in the spring.

The rich and famous love to sail around Martha’s vineyard island and the old world charm of the region. You can find many crew houses (Although accommodation can get a bit more expensive than Florida) and the local bars such as Fastnet pub is a good place to mingle with fellow yacht crew members.

Visa requirements: To enter the USA you will need a B1/B2 visa. Note that by entering with a boat, you should be stamped with B1.


The Caribbean main centers for yachting are Antigua, and St. Maarten.

The Virgin Islands is a magical playing ground for smaller sailing yachts (Mainly catamarans), and many of the big yacht charter companies use it as a base. 


is a good place to find big sailing yachts in the Caribbean. Vast anchorage in Falmouth harbor just outside of the falmouth marina and walking distance from Nelson Dockyard.

2 main events for yachts take place in the Island. The Antigua Charter yacht Show in December, is the biggest boat show in the Caribbean. Many yachts cross the Atlantic from the Med to participate in the show. The other event is the Antigua Sailing week held in April. A special event for racing and signals the end of the Caribbean season. Yachts will start preparing their West to East Atlantic crossing after that week.


Visa requirements: Better check before arrival as it can be tricky to some nationalities. Link

Saint Maarten

is a unique island, divided in the middle between the French side, and the Dutch side. Most bigger yachts will go to the Dutch side at Simpson bay lagoon. It is considered the Megayacht center of the central caribbean. A good place to find daywork and look for your next job opportunity as a crew. You can find yourself working on a superyacht by the time the St. Bart’s superyacht regatta takes place in March.

Hurricane Irma rampaged this beautiful island in 2017, and 5 years later, the effects are still visible.

Visa Requirements: The french side is considered a french territory therefore a schengen visa is required. The Dutch side is a bit more lenient. Check here


The Mediterranean season officially starts around April. Most of the crew will go to Palma de Mallorca or Antibes to look for work. Both places are year-round bases for many yachts and work is to be found in winter time.


Palma de Mallorca – This beautiful city in the island of Mallorca is the place all yachties must know. So many yachts, training centers, suppliers and marinas in a short walking distance makes it a perfect place to look for work. Here, you can find big sailing yachts, as well as Megayachts. 

Dockwalking is not always easy, but still considered a legitimate way to find work, as well as mingle in the local yachtie bars.


The French Riviera, from Cannes to Monaco, is where many of the “green” yachties go to start their yachting career. Endless yachts and marinas, mainly Motoryachts. You can move around by public transportation which is relatively cheap

Visa Requirements: Schengen Visa is required for Non Europeans

Start your yachting career with SEAZONE

What a journey hey? We bet you can’t wait to start your adventures as a yachtie. We showed you the main locations where most crew usually go to start their yachting career. Depends on the time of the year, location, and visa situation.

Recently, with technological improvements, and legal difficulties with dockwalking, the industry is moving towards solutions such as SEAZONE provides. So you don’t need to leave the house when looking for work. 

But more on that, on our next article – Dockwalking and Daywork.

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