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5 Top Reasons to Seek a Career as A Luxury Yacht Crew Member

Every occupation comes with its unique perks and a fair share of drawbacks. However, there are jobs where positives outnumber their negatives.  Yacht Crew Jobs definitely belong to the latter category. No wonder the life of a luxury yacht crew is one of the most coveted. Let us tell you why.

See the world without paying for your tickets

Just picture yourself; devouring the sunrise in the land of the Rising Sun, or feasting your eyes on Aurora  Borealis in the Arctic circles! When you’re working as a luxury yacht crew, you get the opportunity to be at some of the world’s most exotic destinations and witness some of nature’s most amazing spectacles, which no other mundane profession would allow you to do.

Mingle with the who’s who as a luxury yacht crew member

The owner and guests of a luxury yacht happen to be among some of the world’s most influential persons. Your boat crew job will allow you to learn immensely while working for these top shots and sometimes even interacting with them. The life of a superyacht crew is full of interesting stories about meeting and befriending celebrities. Sometimes, these friendships open up new channels of opportunities for the right person.

Live a Life that is Plush, exciting, and always full of surprises

What can be more exciting than spending your Monday afternoon in an Alaskan ski resort? Forget daily commuting, cooking your dinner, wasting your weekends on mowing lawns, or washing your car. All crew positions on a yacht are designed to make you feel that you’re perennially on a vacation.

Jobs Search Area - Crew Positions On A Yacht

Get incredible me/family time with seasonal Boat Crew Jobs

As per the standard industry practices, the crew is required for yachts on a rotational basis. As such, you are likely to get job offers involving five months on-one month off rotations. Then there are luxury yacht crew jobs with 3:1 rotations, and sometimes crew members are hired exclusively for the summer or winter seasons and so on.

This facility of seasonal employment allows you to perform a crew job search with plenty of time-off options. You work hard when aboard and party hard when on shores — what can be better than this?

Earn big, save big

When it comes to the yacht crew salary, the basic pay-out is quite high. Add to it tax exemption, no expenditure on food, house rent, and commuting costs and you have a huge saving in a few years’ time. This capital can then be invested to create new channels of income.

Develop unique skills for life

As a luxury yacht crew member, you will have access to various training programs, as per your assigned job type. Moreover, working in a luxury vessel can enhance your personal efficiency level, dramatically.

In a small yacht, regardless of your job role – whether you are a steward or an engineer – you are expected to have a proficiency of doing everything aimed at keeping the boat safe. As a result, a couple of seasons in a yacht can transform you into a master multi-tasker.

Some of the training courses may even upskill you for opportunities beyond the yachting industry. For example, you can receive diving training which you can leverage to take up a diving instructor’s job when you are not sailing.

As you can see, there are many reasons for considering a career in the yachting industry. Search in our blog to get an idea about in-demand skills and expertise of crew required for yacht. Alternatively, log in to SEAZONE, create a profile, and start looking for daily yacht jobs posted on the system. That can get your first step towards a lucrative yacht career

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