What does it take to manage a yacht?

Have you ever thought what it takes to manage a yacht?

Owners, captains, and yacht managers might answer differently, but they all realise the complexity of that question.

We often hear: “Working as a yacht captain is the best job in the world”.

There’s truth to that statement. You get to travel to the most amazing locations, eat fine cuisine, experience nature at its glory and get paid while doing it.

However, as all captains discover when they take command of their first vessel- there’s a lot more to being a yacht captain than just sailing the boat.

As a captain, you’re not only responsible for the life and safety of your fellow crew and guests, which is stressful on its own, but you also have to manage a floating micro-hotel with all the obvious and hidden challenges.

As the captain of a yacht, you’re expected to be a sailor, mechanic, plumber, electrician, accountant, travel agent, project manager, crew leader, and much more.

Yacht crew

How to manage all that and perform with a smile?

It’s daunting at times, but there are tools that can make your life much easier. 

– Regarding yacht management, SeaZone is not just a tool, it’s the solution –

SeaZone is going to be your best friend, confidant, and assistant.

What are captains saying?

Niv Schechter, captain on yachts in the range of 60’-90’ for over 10 years, tells us about his experience.

“Until I discovered SeaZone I was drowning in Excel spreadsheets, lists upon lists, drop boxes , files, and documents that were just a mess most of the time. I tried accounting tools that had nothing to do with yachting or yacht management software that were built for mega-yachts and shipping companies with mostly irrelevant information that cost too much money. 

SeaZone compiled exactly what I needed to help me manage the yacht in the most organised and professional way. Now, I can track the boat finance, know exactly how much we’re spending in each department, plan my budget, and compare month to month and year to year easily. Not to mention the reports it produces to the owner and the yacht manager. SEAZONE just makes me look better at my job, with less work on my end. It takes 10 minutes to set up with a very intuitive display and I can do everything from my phone, on the go. I just wish I had SeaZone 10 years ago. “

Not only captains are benefiting from SeaZone, yacht managers and owners can find great value in knowing what’s going on in their investment at all times.

“We’re managing over 25 yachts in the Mediterranean alone”, tells us one yacht manager from a famous yacht management company. “Before SeaZone, every end of the month was a carnival at the office. Calling each captain to give us the reports on time, reminding them to update the boat documents, produce the reports, and going through the reports with the owners to make sure everything is running smoothly. Now, everything is quiet. I even had to reduce the employees in the office because SeaZone was just so effective. I can control and monitor the expenses and the ongoing operation of the vessels remotely, without any hustle or need to chase captains that are in the middle of a charter or dealing with important yacht tasks and not always available. Now the owners don’t have to ask us questions, and they can see everything in the App in real time. SeaZone is definitely a must have tool in the toolkit of a yacht manager, or owner”.

Managing a yacht, whether you’re a captain, yacht manager, or an owner, can be a tedious task. With SeaZone, it will be smooth sailing.

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