Perfection in yachting

I’ve been working as a captain in the yachting industry for more than 15 years.
One of the great benefits of this job is that you get to spend intimate time in a relaxed environment with highly successful individuals.


Some of my best and life changing conversations were at the helm, sitting with the yacht owners at their happy place. Nice afternoon wind breeze, the sound of the bow gently cutting through the waves, and a glass of wine (in their hands). This is when I usually ask one thing – What is your life motto? The one sentence that defines you and how you approach life.

There was one conversation that I will never forget.

The owner grew up in Detroit after the 1929 great depression. He wasn’t an educated man. He sang in the Church quire,and worked in a steel bending factory.

When he reached his mid twenties, his eyesight started to deteriorate, a genetic disease. He was let go from the factory, his wife left him, his debt accumulated to the point that he had nothing, and he was going blind. He only knew one thing, bending pipes. In his garage he started playing with Aluminum. A soft metal that no one thought was strong enough for the steel industry. He managed to find a way to bend aluminum to small pipes. Not long after General Motors heard about the invention and added it to every car air conditioning. To make a long story short, this man became a millionaire, and made hundreds of millions of dollars. By the time he was 40, he was completely blind and one of the biggest success stories.

When I asked him – What is your life motto? That was his answer:

F$%k perfection!

That story never left me. And as someone that has been postponing, or afraid to try new things because I have to be perfect, it has taught me courage.

Perfection in yachting

In the yachting industry, perfection is a basic requirement. A stewardess can spend 2 hours working to remove a fingerprint from a mirror. Any fold out of place can be seen as a failure to perform. The stress of this job as a captain is enormous. But there is also a constant change. You have to keep moving forward and provide the best service, while meeting schedule. This is where I turn to the 80/20 rule.

80/20 rule

The Pareto principle states that 80% of the results come with 20% of the effort. How far can we dig to get to the extra 20%? This is up to us to decide. But for us, in an industry that demands perfection, as decision makers, it sums up in 4 words: Is It Good Enough?

Every action we take must include those 4 words.

We all strive to be the best version of ourselves, but when we see that we are avoiding progress because the task at hand seems out of reach, this is the time for us to say: F$%k perfection!

This article was written by Niv Schechter, from SEAZONE- yacht management software. We understand the expectations, and the reality of the yachting industry. From the crew perspective, the yacht managers, and the owners. We aim to make it easier on captains and managers to dig deeper into the 100% of perfection that owners demand, with less time and effort.

Let our experience and technology do the work for you. Try SEAZONE.

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