REAL CREW STORIES SERIES: Yachting career & Motherhood

We see quite a lot of men incorporating family life and a yachting career, but many women see it as an impossible task. However, there are some yacht crew superheroes that manage to do it. 

Meet Anastasiia, and her lovely daughter Mariia. They have been traveling together around the world, currently residing in Cyprus.

I wanted to ask Anastasiia about her life as a mom, and a yacht crew stewardess. How does she make it work? I was inspired by our conversation, and I’m sure you will be too.

Q: Tell me about your story, when and why did you start working in the yachting industry?

I started my yachting industry journey at 23 y.o. My daughter at that time was 1.7 y.o. The idea came to me 1 week before I got my first contract. As I had all documents and visa sorted (valid for 6 months) I didn’t have time to be “lazy” or “find my path”. 

Kids are not free or cheap. I’m a single mom, and able to provide a better and more stable life for my child. Being a single mom is the most difficult job I will ever have. But it’s also a big identity – shift.

Q: What are the benefits you recognize from your yachting career?

There are many benefits that come with the job. Yachting allows me to be reminded that I’m an independent, capable person. The distance teaches us to respect each other more. To love, to appreciate every moment we’re together. I get to see my daughter growing to be an independent person with a strong character.

On some occasions she comes to visit me on the yacht and her eyes light up. She loves being on yachts, and learning that there are no limits to what she can do and places to see.

There are so many positive things about working on a yacht and I’m thankful that I’m able to provide a better life for my daughter.

Q: What are the difficulties?

Even if my daughter is well taken care of by her grandparents, my heart goes for a flip every time we say goodbye. I’m asking the same question a thousand times: “Am I doing the right thing by leaving behind my child for the sake of my career?” 

Absolutely – YES 

Looking at the alternatives, even if it breaks your heart, you know you did the right choice to be a part of the yachting community

Q: What advice would you give to someone that wants to combine a family and a yachting career?

I’m teaching my daughter that hard work pays off. I’m explaining to her why I do this and for what. Well she trusts me and is brave enough to stay strong and be a good girl.

Just this morning, I was dropping her at my moms house, she yelled out to me as I was leaving: “Bye Mommy! Have fun at work! Stay safe, and come back to me,”  And I responded “ I will. Have fun at school!” Sometimes as simple as that, it puts a smile on my face , as she sees my example that work is a good and important thing.

She also told me: “Mom, your job is awesome, so fun, so beautiful. I wish to become as you are, and work on a yacht when I grow up”


Anastasiia is not only a super-mom, but a super-stewardess and a great person. As it happens, she is now on the hunt for a new gig, so if you are looking for an amazing stew, she is available, for not too long 😉 


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