Super Yacht Management: Risks of crew turnover & solutions

Crew turnover can cause financial damages to the yacht in the short, and long term. But, Super yacht management software can help mitigate crew turnover ramifications.
Proper management of crew transition process deals with two aspects:
Is it preventable? How to minimise the risks and costs involved.
The time and stress consumed in the crew search is known. But a less known fact is that data and expenses are often lost in the transition, with long lasting effects. SEAZONE super yacht management software can help reduce those costs and keep track of data for a smooth transition.

How COVID-19 affect yacht crew management?

The past year created a unique situation in the yachting industry. Many people have realized the benefits of owning their own yacht. A safe haven in a crazy world. More yachts are in the search for good, reliable crew.

However, due to the limitations on border movement and visas some areas are facing severe crew shortages. Moreover, the trends in the global industries are showing a higher employee turnover rate in recent years, and we have to take notice.

Yachts of all sizes have to deal with this issue. Whether you’re on a 20 meter boat or on a super yacht, you will need to manage crew, yacht expenses and day-to-day operations.

Costs of crew turnover

The yachting industry has always suffered from high crew turnover rate. Cross industries research has shown that crew replacement costs approximately 20% of the salary. The transition period has an average of 30 days.

Due to the nature of the yachting industry and the demanding (although exciting) lifestyle yacht crew average less than 1 year in the same job.

But financial damages to the yachts are actually bigger than the crew salary alone. There are hidden taxes that up until now, were considered ‘Part of the game’. Should we just accept that in our industry?

SEAZONE super yacht management software

In SEAZONE, we have been working on solutions for this problem, from two aspects.
1. Finding crew easily and efficiently
2. Prevention of data and knowledge lost

Yacht Crew placement with SEAZONE

First, How to make the search and hiring process more efficient and fast. The hiring process is a time consuming and stressful situation for captains, managers, and owners.

We have developed a smart algorithm based on filtration and Geo-location search. So you can maximise your reach and focus on the right crew. Regardless of your budget. If you’re a 2 crew operation or on a super yacht with 12+ crew members you can save a fortune by a focused, accelerated crew search.

No need to go through dozens of emails, social media and other dated outlets. SEAZONE All-In-One platform offers thousands of crew profiles that can be matched to your needs and location.

Individual Yachts or a Super yacht can use the SEAZONE platform for FREE (For the time being). SEAZONE now offers Free B2B solutions for selected crew agents, brokers and managers.

SEAZONE Data & Expense management for yachts & Superyachts:

As mentioned, other than the direct costs of crew turnover, there are indirect costs.

Often data and knowledge is lost in the crew transition. Those gaps can be easily filled with the right yacht management software.

The ability to keep a transparent expense management program that can be assimilated on the go with new crew is essential.

Seazone has tested its financial module for over 2 years before going live. So the learning curve is as easy and fast as possible. We keep it simple, and specific to the yacht needs.

Long term risks of crew change

In the long term, the ability to go back and track specific expenses from years back helps to understand patterns and keep a good preventative maintenance program.
Most of the accounting softwares in the market were not made for yachting. Or they were built for mega-yachts with a lot of irrelevant, complicated and expensive modules.

Technology based super yacht management solution

SEAZONE smart yacht management software offers a unique approach to the situation.
Yes, we need to do what we can to keep the crew as long as possible. For crew career paths you can look here, here OR here.

But reality is that the trend of revolving doors will continue, and we have to come up with a plan. As always, technology and innovation is the answer.

In SEAZONE we harness the High-Tech world to your yacht. We give you a smart, simple solution. A user friendly software that can be assimilated in a fast and affordable way to everyone, from any device.

Fast, Smart, Efficient. This is what SEAZONE is designed to be.

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