The great resurgence! New yacht jobs are popping every day.

The past year has brought many challenges on a global scale.

But it also created a shift in how we, as individuals look at this world, and our lives.

With uncertainty being the only constant, many people are re-evaluating priorities and taking control on their life choices. Yacht job opportunities are just around the corner.

Have you ever thought about finding a job on a yacht?

Last summer season the yachting world came to a halt for a brief moment. But we have seen an interesting phenomenon merging. More people came to realize that a yacht is actually the perfect place to be. A safe haven in a crazy world.

Yacht jobs opportunities

This creates a unique opportunity for people who decide to look for a different career path to find a job on a yacht.

Due to restrictions on traveling and Visa’s, we see a crew shortage in certain areas. Yachts are searching for crew, even inexperienced people with the right attitude and ambition.

Best job ever?

Working on a yacht is considered by many an incredible desired position. Traveling the world; Exploring exotic locations; Experiencing different cultures and having a private chef cooking for you daily. And you also get paid for that? Sounds amazing.

The struggles

Have no illusions. Yachting is not for everyone. The day-to-day life is not glamorous, and long workdays in the scolding sun can be hard on anyone. There are also long periods away from the family, and the land life familiar routine will seem like a distant memory.

Exciting, Adventurous yacht jobs

But if your soul seeks an adventure, there is no better lifestyle than yachting. 

How do I start?

Well first, we would suggest understanding what department is more appealing to you. Deck? Interior? Engineering? Maybe work as a chef in the galley?

There are many yacht jobs and opportunities in each department, so just make sure to choose what suits your skills and personality. After you have an initial understanding of the different positions there are some basic courses that you will have to take.

The basic required courses are: STCW95 course modules, ENG1 medical examination. SEAZONE is collaborating with leading training facilities around the world, such as MaritimeMT Malta. They can guide you through the different career paths.

But every department has several courses that can assist you to advance your skills. Maybe you dream of becoming a captain, or you desire to advance as a stewardess. For general information you might want to check the different steps to achieve a successful yachting career.

Get your professional CV

A marine industry CV is unique. Research have shown it takes less than 8 seconds for a future employer to decide when looking at CV’s. A good-looking CV can dramatically increase your chances of landing a job on a yacht. SEAZONE smart crew platform offers a chance for everyone to create a profile, and a specific yachting industry CV. The SEAZONE professional CVmaker can be downloaded for FREE as a PDF form to help new members of our community.

So, if your office job post-pandemic seems too boring and mundane. If you want to take control and live your dreams, see the world and embark on adventure. The yachting industry might be exactly what you need. A job on a yacht is not farfetched, and perhaps, it is just a click away.

Sign-up to SEAZONE. Get your yachting career underway.



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