What do yacht owners want? Holiday edition

Many captains ask us about presents for yacht owners. What can be given to a person that have everything.

With Christmas and a new year approaching, we have raised the question to Simon Cavelle from Pavilion Art.

The question: what could we possibly give as a present?

We all have moments in our lives that we celebrate milestones or achievements, when a special gift is needed for a very special person.  These gifts are notoriously difficult to buy, especially for people who have been successful in life and appear to have it all.  Of course, the choice of gift will be influenced by the occasion and the interests and loves of the recipient. Watches and jewellery immediately come to mind as a generous gift, especially if they are personalised. When someone already seems to have everything they want and need, the real challenge doesn’t lie in selecting the perfect item, but rather in finding a way to show your love and appreciation. It really is the thought that counts.  Putting extra thought into choosing a service, experience, or artefact will show that you care much more than by just buying the priciest present. 

For a similar entry price to that of a Louis Vuitton Skateboard, through Simon Cavelle at Pavilion Art you can treat your loved one to an individually crafted portrait of their favourite yacht, home or classic car. Each painting is accompanied by its own hand-bound book that records the evolution of the painting. As meaningful gifts go, this really is the ultimate present you can buy. Each artwork is carefully created to include the important details that hold precious memories.

Each painting is beautifully mounted, framed, gift wrapped and created before being shipped. Every aspect of the process can be tailored because each portrait is a bespoke one of a kind. Simon’s paintings have regularly come in the top 5 pieces that owner’s treasure most and to date, all of his paintings remain within the family as a legacy piece.

To give someone a painting, you can either commission the work yourself and give them a finished artwork, or you can buy a beautifully boxed gift card for the recipient to open on the day. Simon will work with you or the recipient on building the painting. The client experience is seamless, liaising with the artist throughout the process, guiding and highlighting options at each stage. This way the painting is developed between artist and recipient from initial sketches to the final framing. You can choose how the final painting will look, including angle of view and type of medium, surface and frame – each choice carefully considered to create a treasured possession that will be enjoyed for generations. 

Once the piece is completed, Pavilion Art offers a “White Glove” service through their partnership with Abels Moving Services, who will make a crate and carefully pack the painting to be shipped anywhere in the world, to be unpacked by their experts and hung in the correct position. Abels Moving Services are proud to hold a Royal Warrant and undertake moves for the British Royal family so you can have complete confidence in their service which is second to none.

Each painting is accompanied by its own Book of Provenance. This will include any important details of the yacht, house or car, such as where it was built, name of the designer and a short history including any personal stories you want to record for others to enjoy. The book is tailored to each client and documents the creation of the painting from the first pencil sketches through to the finished work. Within the book there is a certificate of authenticity dated and signed by the artist.

As life changes, car collections evolve and change, yachts are bought and sold and the echoes of our memories grow softer, these paintings remain as a reminder of those sunny days and wonderful times with family and friends.  When you are stuck for what to buy someone who seems to have everything, the gift of a commissioned painting from Pavilion Art may just be the answer. 

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