Working On A Super Yacht Near Me

Some of the Most Rewarding Superyacht Jobs to Aspire For

It’s an open secret that a superyacht job enables you to lead an illustrious life, full of adventures and surprises. No wonder hundreds and thousands of young men and women contemplate a career in yachting. If you are among those who dream about working on a super yacht, let us tell you about a host of positions and job roles that are typically available in a luxury yacht.

In the yachting industry, crew members are hired to work in four main departments, namely, engine, deck, bridge, and Interior.

Irrespective of their sizes, yachts have several common job roles but larger yachts have many other opportunities beyond those. For instance, large vessels employ a considerably big team of security personnel.

Then, ad hoc hiring goes on throughout the year to handle different types of yacht season jobs. In this article, we discuss the main job categories you are likely to find on superyachts. We have divided the major super yacht jobs according to their departments.

Bridge Jobs

Crew members belonging to this department are responsible for a wide variety of tasks ranging from navigation and passage planning to implementation of safety measures. This category includes the following positions:


The Yacht Captain is in charge of the entire operation of the vessel. The role is very similar to the responsibilities of a CEO of an enterprise with many departments and personnel. As the head of the operations, it is his responsibility to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

Chief Officer

Also called the First Mate, this position is second to captain and often expected to take over as a relief Captain, as per exigencies. They assist the captain in running the boat operations smoothly while handling general maintenance requirements. In larger vessels, Chief Officers are responsible to make sure that the yacht is meeting all types of legal and safety compliances.

Second Officer

Large vessels require the services of a second officer, whose job involves assisting the First officer in maintaining the safety of the yacht as well as the people aboard.

Working On A Super Yacht Near Me

Engineering Jobs

The engineering department is responsible for keeping the electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical systems in tip-top condition. Constant troubleshooting and fixing take up a large part of their day-to-day workload. The engineering crew is like those stagehands who work tirelessly behind the scene to make the show go on smoothly.

This department consists of the following professionals:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Oiler/Wiper

Deck Crew Jobs

If the engineering department is responsible for maintaining the health of your vessel like a doctor, the deck crew is the yacht’s personal beautician tasked with its exterior maintenance. The team generally consists of a Deckhand, Bosun then Mate. Their day-to-day job may include cleaning, waxing, polishing, and assisting guests with water sports and deck facilities among others.

Deck jobs involve long hours of manual labor and to be successful in this field, one needs to do a lot of hard work. Starting in the role of a deckhand, one may gradually switch to the bridge department to progress in the role of first and second officer and even reach the top tier as the captain.

This position entails long hours and hard work. Deckhands are responsible for the exterior maintenance of the yacht. This includes cleaning, waxing, and even varnishing. Deckhands also assist guests with water toys and other outdoor features, like the jacuzzi.

Superyacht Interior jobs

This department comprises the chef and stewards. While the chef with his team of cooks is responsible for ensuring the top gastronomic experience for guests, the team of stewards is responsible for a range of housekeeping and guest servicing tasks. The larger the yacht, the bigger the team of chefs and stewards.

A yacht job on a privately owned luxury vessel could mean traveling to exotic places and an attractive pay packet. If you are among those who are keen on finding a superyacht job and keep Googling for “yacht jobs near me”, we have a better tip to offer – simply register with a yacht management software such as SEAZONE. You will have an exhaustive list of crew job vacancies for all types and sizes of yachts. SEAZONE can help you to find lucrative yachts crew jobs all year round.

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