Yacht Budget planning

A yacht is considered an asset for pleasure. In most cases it’s not designed to generate a profit, but rather to bring joy, peace of mind and create memories of a life time. It is the one place where, as an owner, you can completely relax and forget about the outside world.

As such, it is common that the financial management of the yacht is neglected; we have seen yachts that bleed money due to a lack of proper financial planning and transparency.

Yacht owners, who in their businesses would never allow a loss, are more lenient when it comes to their beloved yacht.

We, in SEAZONE believe that a yacht should be ran like a business, and in a business, you have to plan ahead, create budgets and execute accordingly. 

Correct expense management and proper planning allow us to get closer to our desired budget and reduce overhead, improving margins.

Yacht finance

There are many variables in yacht operation, and we try to eliminate as many of the uncertainties of budget creation, in advance. 

How do we even start? 

These are the major aspects we look at when planning a budget:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Mooring and marina fees
  • Maintenance 
  • Upgrades and refits
  • Crew

Fuel & Marina fees

Fuel and marina fees are quite straight forward. With a bit of research and planning ahead you can identify the expected cost per season. SEAZONE allows you to create a budget template and add a fuel budget and marina fees in advance. There are 2 ways to go about it. With SEAZONE you will have easy and fast access to previous year’s expenses, and can estimate accordingly. Your other option is to look for the fuel consumption manuals, and previous actual fuel consumption in real time that can be logged in the SEAZONE App. Even if a crew changes, you can check in the App for fast and easy data management.


Maintenance is a fascinating subject that we could write books about, but we won’t 😉 Instead we will differentiate between 3 types of maintenance approaches: 

Contrary to corrective maintenance that is based on the phrase “if it’s not broken-don’t fix it”, preventive maintenance is about building a planned maintenance program in advance. It might cost a bit more during the year, but it is always the cheapest path in the long run, when done correctly. With SEAZONE, you can easily plan a maintenance budget. Using past experience, you can identify failure points and areas that need more attention. You can divide the budget by departments, and when working on a tight budget, can prioritize by creating a multi-year budget to mitigate risks.

Predictive maintenance is the least known approach, and the least intuitive. How can you predict a breakdown? Using your SEAZONE data base from previous years you will be able to notice patterns. Machinery may tend to break at certain times even with correct maintenance. This can be due to failures, or areas that need extra attention.  By using predictive maintenance, you can plan ahead and/or replace things before they malfunction at the worst time.

Upgrades and refits

All appliances and instruments on the yacht have a shelf life. In general, you can expect a mini-refit every 5  years, and a full refit of the yacht every 10 years. Proper maintenance can increase the time between refits. 

SEAZONE can take all of these variables into consideration, and has an option to easily customize and create a budget plan that can be viewed and monitored by all users in real time.  This can prove to be valuable by reducing the probability of unexpected repair costs and extending the time between refits.


Crew is the most important and most complicated aspect of a yacht budget. Managing crew correctly can save yacht owners and managers both costs and management headaches. SEAZONE offers a unique database and verification system of crew. Through our CREWZONE page you have access to hundreds of potential crew members and can find the right one with ease. You can track longevity, and even understand the most cost-effective time to hire crew and manage related documentation.

With SEAZONE, you can create a yearly budget, or a refit budget, in a user-friendly way that can be customized to your yacht and requirements. A year-by-year graph of historic expenses will give you a clear overview as well as help plan future boat expenses by learning from previous expenses.

Preparing a proper budget and correctly managing execution can save you much more than you realize.

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