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What is: Crew ID?

Each crew assigned a unique number that can be found under your picture on your CV.

Is Seazone just a crew placement platform?

Seazone is a true All-In-One online solution for yachts and crew daily operations. You will find jobs on Yachts around the world, but Seazone will go with you for your entire career. Create a professional CV template, Easily Manage and share your documents and certifications. Later on you can use Seazone management tools: Track yacht expenses, Boat calendar, maintenance logs, charter management, find service providers and suppliers and much more.

Is Seazone a crew agency?

No. Seazone is a digital platform to connect yachts and crew together. We do not hire, or recruit. As much as Uber is not a taxi dispatch. Many crew agencies and yachts around the world use Seazone as a platform to find and recruit crew.

Why can’t I find Seazone in the app store?

Seazone is a Web App. No need to download anything to your phone or computer.

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