Recruitment coordinator

Seazone personal recruitment assistance is a cost effective option to help target  the best available candidates from the yachting industry.

Seazone offers Personal recruitment coordinator

Successful recruitment with Seazone

Seazone is a mobile friendly platform for immediate yacht crew search. Hundreds of yacht owners, recruiters and captains use our hiring tools to increase productivity and results.

  • 30,000+ Crew members worldwide
  • 1,300+ Job offers
  • Location based search
  • Professional screening process
  • Up-to-date crew profiles
  • Crew references verification

Looking for crew
or expert assistance?

When time is urgent, you might need the extra hand with the crew search. Our dedicated team is ready to save you time on targeting, screening and vetting candidates.


  • 1 We will discuss your needs to create a job description according to professional parameters.
  • 2 Job offer posted in Seazone, to 30 000 crew members plus 60+ relevant job boards on social media
  • 3 Personal recruitment assistant will screen the CV's and send you a list of matched  candidates within 24-48 hours
  • 4 The job will be live for 30 days and kept on top of the search.
  • 5 Reference verification done by us for selected candidates.

To whom 

Personal recruitment assistant is a great solution for boutique recruitment agencies, yacht owners, captains, charter companies and management teams that need the personal attention on top of the technological tools for effective recruitment.

Solutions for management teams

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