Mobile first maintenance plan for yachts of all sizes. Map equipment, log work history and inventory. Manage tasks, schedules and projects.


The core of yacht maintenance.
Access, retrieve and record yacht systems and equipment from any device.
All yacht history and technical information
at your fingertips

Seazone yacht management tools


  • Default template of systems per boat type for an easy start, or customize for your needs. Organized by main categories, machinery and equipment.

Fully customized database

  • Secure storage of equipment and part manuals, pics, videos, tasks and work history. Database of critical information on system components.

Accurate data history

  • Preventive, corrective, reactive and predictive maintenance schemes to allow for better control of ongoing works, future maintenance plans and accessible history at every level.
Seazone yacht management tools

Task management

Interactive maintenance log for multiple users.
Manage tasks, lists and merge data to systems to have a clear plan and smooth execution of yacht maintenance.

Daily tasks calendar

Organized workflow for captain and crew. Schedule reminders and tasks per category and priority level. Perform checkups, write notes and additional info for management view.

Work plan

Plan winter works, refits and projects. Manage and compare quotes, create budgets and multiple job lists. Access Task log history and prioritize ongoing tasks.


Create checklists or use default templates provided by Seazone. A library of checklist history to identify patterns for preventive maintenance and direct sync with Task log.

Manager Dashboard

Recap outline of yacht maintenance operation under one screen. The headquarters of technical communication to relay information for the yacht owner

Seazone yacht maintenance tools | Dashboard for manager
  • Monthly/Annual automated technical reports
  • Open and expired tasks, new breaks & faults
  • AIS integration, location and status, mileage and speed

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