Control and monitor multiple yachts under one dashboard. Overview of fleet status, live locations, weather forecast, active charters, expenses & documentation
Seazone fleet management dashboard

Create one or multiple fleets

Oversee company fleet dashboard in real time or add several fleets per manager. Monitor current boats status and location, fleet expenses, charters and important alerts

Seazone fleet management dashboard

Macro to Micro

Data control from fleet overview to focus on specific boat events.
Comparative analysis tools and auto generated reports for fleet or individual yacht

Users permissions

Manage fleet access, view and editing permissions to owners, yacht managers, captains and crew

Secure data storage

Quick access to yachts historical data, guest and crew information.
Secure and private storage with GDPR compliance, SSL encryption

Fleet dashboard and calendar

Clear overview of fleet activity.
Charters, owners trips, yachts movement and planned maintenance schedule.
Seazone fleet management dashboard

Fleet administration

Yacht and crew document notifications, expiration dates or critical events alerts.
Finance management, monthly and annual reports, petty cash balance and outstanding payments.


Export to XLS or PDF.
Upload expense history from XLS.
Live yacht location and Windy weather Forecast. Webhooks support — use Zappier, IFFTT or integrate data updates to CRM

Fleet data analysis

Optimize, predict and mitigate risks of budget discrepancy. Manage total or compare fleet expenses by categories or boats.

Control multiple job offers
of entire fleet

Seazone is the smartest way to find and hire yacht crew.
Efficient onboarding process.
Save past crew information, contracts and performance notes

Give access and viewing permissions
to dedicated manager.

Seazone fleet management dashboard

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