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The smartest way to find and hire yacht crew for captains, management teams, yacht owners and agencies.
Global search engine for Yacht Crew & Jobs
Seazone find crew management dashboard
Seazone find crew management dashboard

Matching technology

Post job offer or search yacht crew by location, position and experience. Matching algorithm to pinpoint the perfect candidate out of 22,000+ professional crew members from all over the world

Consistent, clean, and simple hiring process

Time saving

Post job description in 2 minutes, including yes-no questions to eliminate irrelevant candidates. Filters and geolocation search tools to match for specific needs

Focus on target

Crew cards and identical CV format to highlight the information needed by the recruiter. Favorite candidates with personal rating, notes and sorting options.

Reduced clutter

Upload a job post without exposing private information on social media. No direct messages from crew and emails clogging your inbox

Seazone find crew management dashboard

Seazone crew profiles

Crew cards with all relevant information to optimize the initial screening process.
Get a clear understanding of the candidate fit, filter by location, experience, credentials, crew ratings and more

Crew CV

Comparable CV layout focusing on relevant information, accurate calculation of years of experience, yacht history, documents status and courses. Learn more about the candidate with a cover letter, video presentation and additional photos

Seazone find crew management dashboard

Live interactive map of crew to find permanent, seasonal daywork team members.

Reference verification on selected crew members to assure the right hiring

Crew rating

Rating on crew past performance from previous captains, rate and sort lists of favorite candidates.

Attached written reference

Sea time experience and uploaded written references, documents and certifications of crew

Seazone verified

Ask Seazone to verify and check references on specific candidates prior the interview
Do I need to provide my credit card information for the free trial?

No, you do not need to provide your credit card information or make any commitments for your free trial. We do not require these as we are confident that once you will get into the Seazone you will not walk away.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Seazone is fully GDPR compliant and uses a secure Amazon servers. Cloud based security is known to be more efficient and safe than hard copies on your personal computer.

Is Seazone a crew agency?

No. Seazone is a digital platform to connect yachts and crew together. We do not hire, or recruit. As much as Uber is not a taxi dispatch. Many crew agencies and yachts around the world use Seazone as a platform to find and recruit crew.

What does geolocation mean?

Seazone unique technology allows you to find jobs or crew by their current location wherever you are in the world. That makes it a perfect platform for permanent and daywork positions.

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