Recruit, manage and collaborate better with the team.
Be on top of crew administration with accessible folders, documents and notifications.
Seazone crew documents solution

Onboarding process

Invite crew and all documents automatically move from their personal profiles to the yacht crew folders, including expiry dates status and notification.

Seazone crew documents management

Edit crew information

With crew permission, managers can remotely edit and add crew details. Have more control on yacht administration workflow.

Add or remove crew from insurance

As a team member joins or leaves the yacht, the system will notify the insurance company. Review and confirm the details of the notification.

Crew history records

Save contracts, personal rating, notes, references and contact details of former crew members.

Manage crew
contract details

Send and record crew contract details, save files of current and previous crew. Access recruitment history and create crew lists. Share and export crew list as a link, XLS or PDF.

Seazone crew documents management

Documents notification

Email and on-screen notifications of crew documents expiry dates. Alerts, snooze and notify when a crew member needs to renew their certifications

Seazone crew documents management

Safe & Secure data storage

Seazone is fully GDPR compliant, secure servers in EU, SSL encrypted to ensure yacht and crew information are safe in your hands.

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