General and Subscription

What type of boats/yachts is SEAZONE relevant for?

SEAZONE will work great for every boat or yacht at any size, however it will fit best for yachts ranging from 15m to 50m in the way it is structured. Important to note SEAZONE is fully customizable so you can easily fit it to your personal needs, whatever they may be.

What is the difference between head users and crew users?

Head users will include the owner, a manager, appointed person from your yacht management company, or any other person of interest you choose.
Crew users will include anyone that is on your crew list such as captain, chef, stewardess, first mate, bosun etc.

Is SEAZONE an accounting software?

No, SEAZONE is not an accounting software however in one click you’ll be able to print or e-mail a SEAZONE report that is designed to be used by your accounting company in a PDF or Excel format.

Does SEAZONE work on Mac / PC?

Yes, SEAZONE is a cloud-based responsive software so you can easily access your account from any operating system on any device 24/7, no software downloading or installing is required. Simply register to start your free trial and log in.

Is SEAZONE a yacht management company?

No, SEAZONE is not a yacht management company, however it is being used by management companies to help better serve you as a customer and focus on personal service and not administration routine issues.

Does every crew member/user need to register and pay for a SEAZONE account?

No, for every yacht created you have several users you can add at no additional charge depending on your boat/yacht size and subscription plan. As an example, for boats up to 24m the subscription includes 3 head users and 4 crew users at no additional charge. For yachts over 45m your subscription includes 4 head users and 14 crew users at no additional charge.

What kind of subscription plans can I choose from?

You can choose between a Month-to-Month subscription plan that gives you more control or an annual subscription plan that gives you up to 17% savings depending on your boat size.

Do I need to provide my credit card information for the free trial?

No, you do not need to provide your credit card information or make any commitments for your free trial. We do not require these as we are confident that once you will get into the ZONE you will not walk away.

Features and Functionality

Can I upload receipts from a mobile device?

Yes, SEAZONE is designed with a simple and fast receipt upload function from any device including Mobile devices.

Can I keep my Boat Documents on your platform?

Yes, you can keep an online copy of all your documents, Boat related and Personal on our platform in a designated area of our software. Documents are divided by categories for easy access and are Available to view and download.

Who can upload expenses?

Every Crew member (user) assigned to the boat can upload expenses. However, the owner can control permissions for every Individual crew member Including the ability to upload expenses.

Can I control Access to information and permissions for crew members?

Yes, the Owner, or whoever the owner delegates, can limit or approve access and permissions individually for every crew member and user assigned to the boat.

Can I upload previous data/expenses?

Yes, in SEAZONE we believe that past information about your expenses and costs is vital to understand and improve your future handling of your yacht’s financials. Therefore, we have created an easy solution to upload previous expenses in bulk by using Excel form you can download from within the system and upload it back with all the information from your past years.

Can I plan a Budget for next year?

Yes, you can plan your budget for next year. You can do much more than that, you can create multiple budgets and toggle between them to see how it affects your overall annual costs. You can also create seasonal (rather than annual) budgets to see how a specific period of time during the year affects your costs. In addition, you can, in real time, overlay your budget plan with your actual expenses to easily identify areas that need your attention.

Can I download a receipt information uploaded to SEAZONE?

Yes, you can download a specific receipt or many by using filters, all in 1 click.

Can I manage Petty-Cash balance in more than one currency?

Yes, SEAZONE will recognize when you uploaded Petty-Cash expenses in a currency different from your main one and will automatically update your Petty Cash balance accordingly.