Best Yacht Crew Agencies

Posted on:
08.08.2022 16:19

How the Best Yacht Crew Agencies Can Find Great Crew for Any Position

Yacht crew agencies provide an effective service that helps crew members, owners, and managers connect with each other quickly and efficiently. This makes filling positions so much faster, but how can a yacht crew recruitment agency ensure that they have a ready supply of reliable crew for any and all positions?

Generally, they’ll rely on a wide variety of different sources for crew referrals. Unfortunately, these sources can vary widely in their reliability and reputation. When putting together a superyacht crew, the yacht crew agencies have significant pressure on their team to get the right personnel from the get-go. However, there’s now a much more effective tool available for crew agencies to find reliable crew.

The Comprehensive Recruitment Solution From SEAZONE

SEAZONE has a full suite of software for the yacht industry that provides boat management, finance management, and effective recruitment tools for both employers and crew. This includes a comprehensive pool of crew members in all positions that can be drawn on to fill positions. CREWZONE can help crew agencies find exactly what they’re looking for.

CREWZONE Is the Ultimate Resource for Crew Recruitment Agencies

When aggregating different sources and leads to putting together a crew, the best yacht crew agencies rely on casting a wide net and using many sources. However, this presents numerous additional problems. For one thing, many of these sources are outdated or irrelevant, simply wasting the recruiter’s time.

CREWZONE isn’t simply a list. It’s an ongoing database that provides an up-to-date pool of candidates. Recruitment agencies won’t have to worry about following up on leads to make sure they hadn’t already found a position weeks ago. CREWZONE ensures that information is current and even features integrated experience verification to reduce the need for manual verification.

This is also true for maintaining the relevancy of crew listings. Many sources fail to properly sort and filter resumes and applications, leading to long manual processes of weeding out irrelevant and low-quality resumes. CREWZONE makes it easy to filter crew by all kinds of metrics to find exactly who you’re looking for to fill any specific position.

You’ll be able to see SEAZONE verified references from applicants to ensure that you’re getting the very best in the business. Not only does CREWZONE make finding crew members easy, but the platform has built-in tools for contracts, onboarding, and everything else, all in one convenient package. Crew recruitment agencies can find out just what CREWZONE has to offer by signing up today.

How CREWZONE Draws in the Best of the Best Crew Candidates

CREWZONE is able to maintain such an extensive and high-quality pool of candidates by extending an attractive value proposition to crew members as well. We also provide effective CV tools that make it incredibly easy to input their profile and experience and apply for positions through CREWZONE. Our system also provides integrated verification that makes proven candidates more likely to succeed.

CREWZONE is a solution that works for all parties involved. Yacht crew agencies are able to access our extensive pool of candidates, enabling them to perform their duties better, faster, and more reliably. At the same time, our pool of candidates is kept current and high-quality by the great opportunities and straightforward tools we offer to crew members looking for any kind of position.