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Posted on:
28.06.2022 11:35

Finding the Right Yacht Maintenance Software for Owners, Management Teams, Charters, and More

Yacht owners often say that the most enjoyable days they had with their boats were the day they bought it and the day they sold it. While this tongue-in-cheek saying might cast too negative a light on the difficulties of owning a yacht or overseeing a fleet, there’s certainly truth to the fact that managing even one yacht takes more than its fair share of time, money, and effort.

Today, many of the fundamental tasks of taking care of yachts can be made much easier with yacht maintenance software. There are a variety of effective tools out there that can make handling maintenance logs, budgeting, finances, and even crew management much easier. While some are still trying to make do with their own spreadsheets, many have turned to more dedicated yacht maintenance management software instead.

SEAZONE provides a full suite of yacht management software that provides effective solutions for owners, managers, and charter services. The unique ship fleet management software enables operations and records to be kept within a single platform, making oversight much easier. SEAZONE has solutions available for every aspect of yacht management.

Keeping Track of Yacht Maintenance

Anyone can access effective yacht maintenance software free and with unlimited access with BOATZONE. This software serves as the foundation for SEAZONE’s additional yacht management offerings and offers the basic necessities for managing a yacht.

With customizable boat profiles, owners can keep all of the required certificates and documents together and ensure that everything is up to date. Keeping track of important maintenance is simple and straightforward, with standard templates for many essential forms.

In addition to the boat profile tools, BOATZONE also provides crew management tools that allow for easy storing of crew contracts and maintaining and managing the crew roster. The entire platform is incredibly customizable, putting it among the best sailing apps that every vessel should have.

Managing Vessel Finances

FINANCEZONE provides a comprehensive tool for managing vessel finances. This best boat maintenance app makes managing expenses for maintenance easy and accessible from any device. Owners and managers can quickly add expenses of any kind from anywhere.

Of course, being able to review expenses in a straightforward and organized manner is essential for vessel maintenance software. FINANCEZONE provides one-click expense reports and can also incorporate interactive graphs to gain the most insight possible while analyzing expenses.

This also makes it possible to keep all of the vessel’s receipts in one place, greatly simplifying administration in the future. FINANCEZONE also includes easy-to-use yacht budgeting tools that allow owners and managers to both set budgets and compare actual expenses against those that had been planned.

Dedicated Boat Charter Software

SEAZONE provides charter services with dedicated software for managing charters and trips with CHARTERZONE. This addition to our sailing apps lets charter services handle their contracts and booking, trips, guest lists, and more all in one convenient platform.

By keeping everything on a single platform, all information is readily available to captains, charter managers, brokers, and owners. CHARTERZONE can greatly reduce the difficulty in communicating important details and ensure that everyone knows what they need to know.

Setting up charters and trips is fast and straightforward, and CHARTERZONE provides tools for managing guests, charter documents, fuel use, and mileage. The software allows for APA expense uploads from any device and generates professional APA reports on demand.

Getting Started With SEAZONE Yacht Maintenance Software

Whether you’re a yacht owner, manager, or charter service, SEAZONE provides the effective yacht maintenance software needed to streamline your operations and cut down your workload. You can sign up today and choose which features are right for you with SEAZONE.