Eco-friendly yachting guide

Posted on:
20.09.2022 13:17

The yachting industry is becoming more and more eco friendly with yachts now powered by electric motors, capable of converting solar and wind power into renewable energy and of course powered by hydrogen. But there are ways for us as yacht crew, to do eco-friendly management in order to do our part in protecting the environment.

Seazone offers paperless Yacht Management Solutions but we also lay down some tips on how to become more eco-conscious.


Plastic water bottles are out! Reusable is in!

  • Install a drinking water filtration system onboard for yacht crew and charter guests. It is not only better for you but it’s better for the ocean.
  • Use flasks for yacht crew, flasks will also keep water ice cold for longer (all the deckies out there, I got you!).
  • Create a water station for charter guests using a glass dispenser with a tap, add cucumber/mint/lemon slices in to add flavor.
  • Use glass water bottles as-well for turn downs and tender/beach trips.


Ditch the plastic ziplocks!

Instead buy reusable material/silicone ziplocks. They look prettier and are easier to clean 😉


Eco friendly cleaning products

Remember, all of the harmful chemicals from your cleaning products & laundry detergents will go straight to the ocean. It can change the physical, chemical, and biological state of the ocean and coastal areas, posing a threat to marine wildlife and ecosystems. Toxic chemicals also become concentrated in the food chain and can impact human health. Instead use a mix of vinegar with water and alcohol with water where you can for most of your cleaning or buy eco-friendly products. (make sure to research what cleaning solutions may damage certain materials/surfaces)


Skip microfibers!

Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon), making it great for cleaning and super absorbent but not good for our ocean. Plastic particles washed off from products such as synthetic clothes & textiles contribute to 35% of primary microplastics polluting our oceans, according to a report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Bring those reusable shopping bags with you when you are out getting provisions.
Its sunblock season

There’s sunblock on the teak, there’s sunblock on the towels, there’s sunblock everywhere! But don’t forget, it’s going into the ocean as well. Skin protection that contains oxybenzone and octinoxate has harmful effects on coral reefs, marine life, and people. These toxic substances contain nanoparticles that can disturb coral’s reproduction and growth cycle, lead to coral bleaching, or even kill it. Find Eco-friendly sunblock instead and save our oceans little by little 🙂


Eco friendly toiletries

  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Reusable straws
  • Reusable make-up pads
  • metal razors
  • Buy bulk shampoo and soap to fill up wall mounted soap & shampoo dispensers for crew and guests.
  • Eco friendly earbuds


Become Eco conscious with Seazone

Seazone is invested in creating a better environment for yacht crew and the environment we all work and enjoy from.
Here are some ways you can take a step to a positive impact:

  • Eco-friendly suppliers finder – Seazone’s Suppliers feature allows you to find all the eco conscious products in your current port with a Geo-Location search or by typing brand/keywords. No need to waste a whole day walking the streets and checking every store to kit up your new Eco conscious interior. Simply log on and search!
  • Paperless accountingEach yacht is making on average 2000 expenses per year. By going to paperless accounting you can literally save a tree.
  • Giving back – Seazone is donating to environmental causes and animal shelters for each new subscription. When you purchase an annual subscription on the management or maintenance modules, a percentage will be dedicated to give back to the environment