Launching 1st BenefitHub for yacht and crew

Posted on:
19.06.2024 09:17

Q&A – Everything you wanted to know about the BenefitHub

What is the BenefitHub?

Seazone’s BenefitHub is a platform for yacht captains and crew to find deals and benefits related to the yachting world.

What type of deals are expected to be found there?

From Services for yacht operation, supplies , courses and even personal gear and services for crew.

Everything and anything related to yachting.

What is the business model?

Online market place dedicated to the yachting world.

The business model is based on E-Commerce, local advertising and limited time deals.

How to claim benefit?

By clicking on “Claim benefit” you get a Promo code to claim your reward.

Do I purchase from the BenefitHub or from the merchant?

The purchase is done directly from the merchant. After claiming the promo code you go the the merchant website and buy directly while using the promo code for discount.

How do I use the PromoCode when purchasing the service/product?

Each merchant will have their own system so make sure to go to their link and look.

If you are not sure, talk to our support team and we will happily assist.

Does Seazone take a “cut” from each purchase?

No. The BenefitHub is a model based on collaboration of yachting supporting businesses.

We call it the “Business Cluster” and it operates on a membership fee which includes the BenefitHub and other collaborative initiatives.

Does crew have to pay membership to claim benefits?

No. The membership fee are for the businesses only. Although, we can expect to have crew VIP lanes in the future with unique extra offerings.

What is a Business cluster?

A business cluster is a group of companies and related organizations that work together to improve their competitiveness and performance.

How do a merchant become part of the Business Cluster?

Write to us or send Email to:

If you have a unique value you bring to captains and crew, you will be validated as part of the cluster, which will include the BenefitHub.

What digital tools you need?

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