Private Yacht Chef Jobs

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28.06.2022 11:35

Here’s How You Can Find the Best Yacht Chef Jobs That Are Hiring

Yachts of many different sizes need chefs onboard to feed both the passengers and the crew while they’re at sea. This can be a great career move for anyone with some experience landside already, and there’s a need for chefs at different experience levels. Some yachts will have a sole chef position while Superyachts and the like might won’t have just one chef but can have an executive chef and several sous chefs.

What Yacht Careers are Like for Chefs

While there are all kinds of arrangements available with yacht owners, management teams, and charter services, yacht chefs will most often find work on larger charter yachts. While the pay is certainly good, long hours are expected of chefs just as much as any other crew members. It’s not like working at a restaurant, as stressful as that may be. When you set out on charter, you’re there to work.

Yacht chef jobs aren’t just about cooking either but managing the galley as well. It’s not like at a restaurant where emergencies can be handled by running down to a corner market. Instead, while working private yacht chef jobs, the only option is to make do with what’s available.

That means careful planning is necessary to ensure that there’s sufficient inventory, and the chef will have to know any dietary restrictions or preferences that guests have. On the largest yachts, there is also a specific crew chef position who is designated to cook the crew’s meals.

How to Qualify for Yacht Chef Jobs

While specific qualifications are going to vary among yacht-based chef jobs, there are a few standard certifications you’ll need. The STCW Basic Training course is necessary for the crew on any vessel over 24 meters, as most yachts are. STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping, which is a convention agreed to internationally. The course involves survival, first aid, fire prevention, and other safety matters.

You’ll also need your Food Hygiene Training Level 2 certificate, although most chefs and cooks should have this already whether or not they’re going on a yacht. While those are the only two hard and fast requirements, getting hired is another matter. Your employers will carefully evaluate your experience to see if you’re the right fit for those particular private yacht chef jobs.

Getting Hired for Private Yacht Chef Jobs

So you understand the role and have the qualifications, now what do you do? You can try sifting through job postings online, but those are often out of date with the positions already long gone. Hanging around the docks probably won’t get you very far either. For the best chance at snagging a quality yacht chef job, you can try CREWZONE from SEAZONE.

The CREWZONE recruitment platform gives you everything you need to get hired. Built-in resume-building tools let you put your best foot forward to potential employers. You’ll also have access to a huge pool of potential employers and job postings that you can sort by the local area and many other criteria. If you’re interested in finding private yacht chef jobs, you can sign up for CREWZONE today.