Sailing Crew Wanted

Posted on:
08.08.2022 16:19

At Seazone, we help connect those ready to enjoy a lucrative career aboard all kinds of sailing vessels with owners and operators who need a fantastic crew prepared to handle all the various tasks of a successful voyage. From catering to the needs of A-list clients to managing the day-to-day operations of a superyacht, our connections ensure a rewarding match that will help crew members ascend the ladder of skills and jobs available throughout their time on the water.

We offer a wide variety of available positions on our sailing crews, from stewardesses to cooks to captains. Our service will help connect you with a team of well-qualified individuals. We love helping put together crews where the skill sets are so well-honed that they become second nature. This allows your crew an excellent learning environment as well as a chance to network with other seafarers and crew members who may have new opportunities as the season progresses.

Our CREWZONE system will help you fill the missing gaps on your sailing crew wanted requests. Instead of wasting time posting to numerous boards or calling local marinas for advice, you get direct access to some of the world’s most experienced and prepared crew members.

We offer excellent recourses for sailing crews covering positions like:

  • Captain
  • First Mate/Chief Officer
  • Bosun/Lead Deckhand
  • Deckhand
  • Engineering Positions
  • Purser
  • Chief Steward(ess)
  • Steward(ess)
  • Head Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Crew Chef/Cook
  • And many more right down to the dingy skipper

What to Expect in a Sailing Crew Position

The individual roles of crew members will determine the specific job requirements and hours that they will work, but in general, crews are expected to cover the overall operation, maintenance, and success of a boat, ship, yacht, or superyacht on the water as well as care for the passengers.

These positions are typically customer-facing, which means you will be expected to understand the value of quality customer service while aboard. In addition, most crews develop friendships because of the close proximity and exciting lifestyle involved by exploring nautical delights all over the world.

Some things to watch for in your crew would be:

  • Were the previous postings kept in working order?
  • Do they have the experience required to manage their position under extreme situations?
  • Are they willing to learn and fill in their knowledge gaps during a voyage?
  • Can you get a face-to-face meeting, or at least a video call?
  • Do they understand the basics of water storage, fuel needs, navigation, etc.?
  • Do they value safety?
  • Can they give you an example of quality customer service?

Choosing a sailing crew has a lot to do with finding the right mix of personality, skill, and desire to succeed. That is exactly what S EAZONE offers anyone posting a sailing crew wanted ad. We have descriptive profiles of applicants from all over that detail the backgrounds and experience so you can cut down on time it takes to find a qualified crew. When you work with Seazone you work with excellence!

To get started with our program, schedule a trial or sign up for our service to locate the crew that will give you an experience you will never forget.