Sailing Crews

Posted on:
28.06.2022 11:35

Sailing Crew Wanted Any Position, Any Time, Any Place

Are you an experienced sailing crew member who’s tired of searching through inaccurate and out-of-date job postings that more often than not lead to dead ends? There’s a better way to look for positions than reaching out to any sailing crew wanted ad you see. Instead, you can rely on the vast pool of high-quality, up-to-date, and accurate job listings offered through SEAZONE’s comprehensive cloud-based recruitment solution, CREWZONE.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Skills and Needs

Wherever sailing crews are needed, there are yacht owners and management teams using CREWZONE to fill positions. Simply having access to a wide pool of potential employers makes getting hired as a crew member that much easier. When you search for sailing opportunities with CREWZONE, you’re casting the widest possible net and getting the best results.

We carefully manage our platform to ensure that listings are up to date and accurate. You won’t have to worry about reaching out to an employer to find out that the position closed months ago. With CREWZONE, you get the most value from the time you spend applying to positions. The simple geolocation-based filtering makes it easy to find positions in your specific area as well.

Helping You Stand Out as a Crew Member

You might be the finest chef, the best stewardess, or a fantastic deckhand, but maybe putting together a stellar CV isn’t your forte. If that’s the case, then CREWZONE has your back. Our integrated resume-building tools make it easy to put yourself out there and make sure that employers understand what it is that you have to offer. You can even export your CREWZONE resume to use for job postings you find elsewhere.

Our platform makes it easy to keep all of your reference letters and other supporting documents together. You can even record a video introduction to make all of your applications more personable and more likely to get you hired. With all of the tools available, CREWZONE makes it as easy as can be for great sailing crew members to get hired.

Once you get started with CREWZONE, any positions you fill are automatically updated as SEAZONE verified experience on your profile. This makes you stand out even more to potential employers and simplifies the reference process.

Easier Onboarding for Sailing Crews

If you’re an experienced crew member, you probably already know what a headache getting started on a new ship or with a new employer can be. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, with easy onboarding from CREWZONE.

The hiring process is incredibly straightforward, and our platform allows for clear, direct lines of communication with the captain to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The platform has integrated contracts and makes transferring any required documents incredibly straightforward.

You can signup and start looking for positions with CREWZONE today. Our platform is easy to use from any device and provides excellent security and privacy for the information you provide. When sailing crews are needed, employers turn to CREWZONE, so it’s in your best interest to be there!