Ship Fleet Management

Posted on:
28.06.2022 11:35

The Big Challenges Ship Fleet Management Faces and How to Meet Them Head-On

Whether you find yourself in ship fleet management providing management services for private yacht owners or as part of a charter company, you likely face many of the same challenges that countless other managers have had to deal with over the years.

It’s a difficult job that can only be pulled off with proper planning, careful execution, and the right tools for the job. Here are the biggest challenges that ship management teams face and how SEAZONE makes them that much easier and more efficient.

Keeping Track of Every Yacht’s Documentation

Every yacht needs to have proper documentation on file and onboard at all times, or you’ll find yourself in big trouble if anything goes wrong. SEAZONE provides an integrated platform for managing documents and keeping everything up to date. Documents like your yacht certificate or yacht license, yacht insurance certificate, crew register, and more can be managed all in one place.

SEAZONE’s BOATZONE platform even has a variety of standard templates integrated to make paperwork that much easier. With easy to access boat profiles for individual vessels, BOATZONE is a fantastic yacht fleet management software for fleets of any size.

Ship Fleet Management and Finances

When dealing with multiple yachts, it’s absolutely essential to have a management system that segregates and simplifies finances. Manually sorting through expense management, reports, and budgeting for that many vessels simply isn’t realistic. FINANCEZONE makes managing finances for ship management easy by keeping everything together in a single platform.

Customizable financial reports give you a full overview of expenses, with easy export to Excel or PDF files. The platform allows you to compare with previous periods to identify trends and implement more effective fleet management practices. FINANCEZONE is a complete finance software solution that gives management full control over fleet finances.

Acquiring and Managing Crew

Ship management, ship owners, and anyone involved in fleet management know how challenging putting together and maintaining a crew can be. Multiplied by an entire fleet, and the task becomes one of the most difficult parts of the job. SEAZONE provides fleet management teams with effective crew management tools with CREWZONE.

CREWZONE is the most versatile solution for filling all kinds of positions. Posting jobs is incredibly easy and gives instant exposure to the vast pool of qualified candidates available through CREWZONE. It’s easy to review and manage candidates, and SEAZONE’s verified experience lets you know that applications are accurate.

Onboarding with CREWZONE can drastically cut costs. These onboarding costs can be up to a month of a crew member’s pay when done through conventional means. That means that CREWZONE can save fleet managers dealing with large cumulative turnover a lot of money.

SEAZONE for Ship Fleet Management

SEAZONE provides a variety of effective solutions for yacht fleet management and can make the management team’s job more streamlined, accurate, and effective. To get started with SEAZONE, you can sign up today and find out which features are going to help you with your ship fleet management.