Super Yacht Management

Posted on:
28.06.2022 11:35

SEAZONE Gives Boat Management Services All the Tools They Need to Succeed

A lot goes into running a luxury yacht. There are crew members to hire and manage, finances to oversee, maintenance to plan, and all kinds of other oversight that simply can’t be ignored. Many yacht owners choose to go with professional boat management services to have experts handle the details instead of burning themselves out over it. But that still begs the question, how are yacht management services supposed to handle all that?

Yacht management is a difficult task, and it’s even more challenging when handling multiple yachts all with their own crews, maintenance, finances, and more? Well, SEAZONE has a multi-faceted solution that lets yacht services deliver everything that their customers need when it comes to yacht management services.

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An All-in-One Yacht Management Workspace

The primary reason that yacht management teams should be using SEAZONE is that it consolidates everything into a single platform. Simply coordinating multiple systems for individual tasks is a formidable task in itself, and SEAZONE eliminates it entirely by letting management access every aspect of yacht management through any computer or device thanks to our cloud-based platform.

The boat dashboard gives quick access to essential financial and crew placement information as it’s needed. Luxury yacht management can easily manage multiple boats at once with convenient boat profiles that store and sort all essential boat data and documents and even included templates for many standard yacht documentation requirements.

Easy Accounting for All Yacht Operations

Super yacht management teams understand that handling the expenses for these boats can be a challenging task with lots of money on the line. That’s why SEAZONE has developed our FINANCEZONE yacht financial management software. Planning, oversight, and management couldn’t be more streamlined.

Management teams will have complete control over budgeting and finances to ensure that the yacht finances are accurate and up to date. You’ll also have peace of mind with complete control over permissions and full customization of departments and positions. FINANCEZONE makes it easy to integrate finances wherever you are and wherever you’re going with customization for currencies and credit cards.

Finding the Right Captain and Crew

Hiring and vetting crew is one of the most significant tasks for yacht management services to handle, making them like an accountant, maintenance team, and crew agency all in one. SEAZONE can greatly streamline hiring and even reduce costs with CREWZONE for all of your crew placement needs.

Management teams can post vacancies to receive applications from a wide pool of candidates and apply custom filters to find the perfect match. During the hiring process, CREWZONE makes it easy to manage potential crew members. With CREWZONE verified experience, you’ll quickly be able to gauge the reliability of candidates.

CREWZONE doesn’t just help management teams find crew members but also makes onboarding an easy and straightforward process. The platform contains tools for managing contracts, certificates, and documents in one convenient place. There’s also an integrated crew calendar that can give management a complete overview of who’s going where and when to avoid any miscommunication.

Put SEAZONE to Work for Your Yacht Management Team

With a wide variety of seamlessly integrated features, SEAZONE makes the job of a yacht management team that much easier and straightforward. You can sign up today to start taking advantage of SEAZONE’s many features to save your yacht management service time and money.