Work hard. Play hard. The most fun things you get to do as crew on a superyacht

Posted on:
08.08.2022 16:19

We lay down the most manageable hobbies & skillsets you can start or improve an existing one while working on a yacht.

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Superyachts go to some of the most interesting and sought-after places in the world, providing the opportunity to shoot some incredibly stunning images.

Anyone with a camera can get started with photography, making it exciting and intimate for everyone, and with digital photography, the quick response bonds people even faster. Camera phones, remote uploads, and social media sharing all allow everyone to view the world as it happens, even if no talent is required.

Sure, talented and experienced photographers may catch the moment in a more creative manner than the casual snapper, but the important point is that you recorded what you want to remember right then and there, and before you realize it, your proficiency with a camera is increasing.



Most superyachts have lots of toys on board. As a crew member, you will have a chance to learn how to use them as part of the job. It will keep you active, learn new skills, and have fun while doing it. There are several diplomas, according to various standards, including professional ones, that allow graduates to use their expertise as instructors in various water sports centers and schools across the world. One such example is the RYA certification, which may be obtained even while onboard a superyacht.

Take advantage of the chance to gain as much experience as possible in various watersports so that you can become more familiar and obtain your certification more easily.



There are several reasons why writing is such a popular activity among yacht crew. It is a relaxing, inexpensive activity that requires little space and can be done in perfect quiet, giving you the calm of hearing nothing but your inner thoughts. A welcome respite from the stressful lives of the workers.

Making writing a pastime requires perseverance. Making time to write, selecting topics to write about, and then being committed to seeing the full article through to completion needs forethought and self-discipline. The good news is that living aboard a superyacht provides a plenty of topic matter.

Many yacht crew members take their writing to the next level by starting an online blog, and some have even made a profession out of it.


Learn a new language

Learning a new language or skill might be intimidating, but the multi-national culture of a superyacht provides the ideal setting. More often than not, you will be working with crew from many countries, who are excellent teachers.

Furthermore, there are several online venues for language study, some of which are even free. Simply search for a language course on YouTube.

Learning a second language provides a plethora of employment options. The globe is changing quickly, and more and more boats are being rented across dozens of nations. Even on a small boat, the ability to speak a second language will most likely set you apart from other applicants.



Painting or drawing is an excellent activity to begin because it is quick and simple. It doesn’t take much to get started, and it won’t take up much space in your cabin.

It’s simple to master the fundamentals, and painting and drawing are great ways to unwind. The best thing is that you can make painting a large, messy, all-day affair, or you can paint minor touches while waiting for your shift to begin.

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