Yacht Crew Jobs No Experience

Posted on:
28.06.2022 11:35

How to get a Yacht crew job when you have no experience?

Can you get a yacht crew job without experience? The answer is YES. Armed with the right information and a strategy in place, you can get hired within a short span.

Before discussing how to go about it, let us share with you a few industry secrets that explain why landing a yacht job is not difficult or impossible for a rookie.

  • Yachts hire many people to entry-level positions with no experience in yachting.
  • To be considered for employment in a luxury yacht without experience, you’ll have to complete some basic safety training and a clear medical examination.
  • There are diverse job opportunities on a yacht which include stewards to laundry persons and from engineers to personal trainers and many more in between.

Thus your lack of experience is not going to be a hindrance in your way of finding a yacht crew job; you only need to be focused.

Here is how to go about it:

Earn the qualifications (STCW10 & ENG1 Medical) — Your first step to getting a yacht job

For a yacht to consider you for employment, you must obtain two certifications, namely STCW and ENG1.

If you want to work on yachts, STCW is the minimum qualification you must have. You can complete this four-part course within a week.

  1. The Basic STCW certification includes the following modules:
  2. Fire prevention and firefighting
  3. Personal survival techniques
  4. Personal safety and social responsibility
  5. First aid/CPR

The certificate remains valid for five years from the time of earning the certification. You earn lifelong credit for some modules and do not require periodic renewal for them.

There are several STCW schools around the world and you can enroll in one of those schools for earning your certification.

As far as the medical certification is concerned, your examination needs to be done by an MCA-certified doctor.

Identify The Appropriate Season to Apply

The yachting industry is characterized by seasonal recruitments and different locations have different hiring seasons. To get a yacht job without experience, you need to be present in a location where the hiring is on.  For example, In the Americas, Fort Lauderdale is the nerve center of yacht crew hiring and here the season lasts from early winter to early spring. In Europe, on the other hand, yacht crew jobs are most in-demand from May through September. Antibes, France is the core hiring center in Europe.

As an inexperienced yacht crew job aspirant, you should be in the location, where mass recruitment is going on during the yachting season. At that time of the year, the yacht crew jobs are in the highest demand and you should capitalize on that demand by being present in that place during that time.

Being present in the right place at the right time is one of the smartest ways to get a yacht job with no prior experience. You will have to have the means to sustain yourself throughout the job search. You are most likely to find a job within two months.

Sign Up With An Agency

If you have the ambition, the right attitude, and strong ethics, some yachts will take rookies to train and grow in their prospective role. You can sign up with SEAZONE before or after obtaining your STCW certification.

It also helps to be flexible with the start time. To land your first yacht job with no experience, focus on gaining experience and learning the nuances of the profession and not the salary or the job offered. Your willingness to learn shows that you are keen on becoming a part of the industry, not just after making quick cash, doing odd jobs. This increases your employability.

Not everybody is cut for a yachting career, which is lucrative yet extremely demanding. Finding a yacht crew job with no experience calls for a detailed plan, and iron determination. This is a competitive sector. However, by following this guide, you can significantly increase your chances of getting hired.